Sunday, July 07, 2013

A bass at last

First cast, bang - the rod rattles round and I'm into one. Better still, after a brief, splashy scrap in the shallow water, I grab the lure and it's on the beach. How big..? Not very. But I don't care as I take a quick picture, snick the hook out and watch it bow-wave back into the sea.

A few chucks later, I hook into another one that makes a better fight of it but comes off just out of reach of my fingers as I grab the line to beach it. I check the hook and it's James Blunt. As I'm sharpening it up again, there's a big splash 10 yards out, right in front of me.

This is starting to get exciting now - caught one, lost one and seen one all in the space of 10 minutes' fishing. I swap the spoon for a Thunderstick and buzz it over the spot where the fish topped. After a few casts, there's a big swirl behind the lure as I start to retrieve it.

I change lures a few times, Dexter, Toby, Piranha, before returning to the silver foil spoon I had the fish on. But the action's over as quickly as it began.

I pause to drink in my surroundings before I head for home. The day's just breaking and the sea's flat calm. It's a beautiful morning and I've crowned it with a bass.


  1. Well done, it might be hot but my thoughts are for the winter and them old pike.

  2. Hoo bloody ray!

    At last the East Coast lure caught bass emerges!

    No mean feat, as you well know. Never ever managed it myself in a decade of once in a while hopefully trying lures between easy bait sessions. I admire your tenacity enduring what has been a fools errand up worm & crab country but now you've gone and done it.

    Shoals of sprats about, were they?

    Now do it on the fly...

  3. Finally, the suspense was killing me!


  4. Well done, persistence pays off.

  5. Well done on finally getting one, now all you have to do is catch a few on surface lures and it's curtains for your freshwater fishing.

  6. nice catch mate.. good job..well done..

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