Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Korum five rod quiver review revisited

I might have been slightly hard on Korum, when I reviewed their five rod quiver. Having walked a long old way with it today, I'm starting to warm to it - despite what I thought were shortcomings when I first got my hands on it.

Bank stick pockets on the same side as the rods is still an issue. But not as big an issue if you're travelling light, without alarms. I didn't like the lack of flaps on the pockets either, to start with. But the shorter pocket, with a zip that travels two-thirds of the way down it, is tailor made for forceps, long-nosed pliers and hook cutters - as long as you don't tip the quiver upside-down, obviously.

When I lamented the lack of safety strap as a fail-safe to keep the rods in, I didn't realise how good the velcro bands at the top were. While I'm still a little wary of entrusting my beloved bean poles to them, I didn't notice the bottom pockets that hold the butt and tip ring - if you carry your rods tackled-up, with sections reversed - are padded.

Another plus point is the comfy and adjustable strap. You can easily move this and the carry handle from one side to another. I only had two rods in it today, plus net and four sticks, but you don't notice the weight when it's over your shoulder.

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