Friday, March 09, 2012

Eddie Turner's Hi-Viz Floats

Hats off to Mr T for discovering these a few years back. After a couple of seasons, I rarely use anything else when deadbaiting on rivers, drains and stillwaters.

What's great about these floats - apart from the fact even I can see them - is they're bouyant enough to fish bottom-end-only in wind or a moderate flow.

Set them slightly over-depth, cast and allow the current or wind to drag a slight bow in the braid. As it tightens, the line cocks the float.

They come in four or five sizes, the size 10 being most popular according to ET's website. The next size up will ride the flow in the Ouse with a 2oz lead to anchor it.

You can't really fault them for £1.50 a throw. Get rid of the silly swivel bead thing they come with and use a cross-lock to attach them to a swivel. To avoid casting tangles, have another stop and bead below the float, and slide this up a couple of feet above the lead to keep them apart in the air.

Click here for ordering details, price etc.

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