Saturday, September 01, 2012

Korum five rod quiver reviewed

I was well impressed with the quality for under £30 - well up to Korum's usual standards. I also liked the idea of a quiver that can carry five rods - ie the usual four plus a lure rod. Other features look cool - the strap and handle can be fitted to either side, depending how you usually carry your gear on a yomp; the mesh net pocket (just in case I catch something before moving swims...) etc.

But there are one or two bugbears with this piece of kit. Slight niggles rather than sufficient to merit giving it a bum review, although you might bear them in mind as some might find them annoying.

The two pockets for banksticks don't have flaps. They're also on the same side of the body as the pockets/velcro straps that hold your rods. You might find this an issue if you mooch around with bite alarms screwed into your bank sticks, as they form a lump exactly under where you have a fairly limited amount of wriggle room when it comes to strapping in your rods.

I can see this causing me grief at some point. No worries, stick the bank sticks in the main compartment, as I never take a brolly fishing, let alone a shelter (whatever that is...). There's one problem with this , if your alarms have push button on/off switches. When they bang together knocking around loose in the main compartment, they're going to get switched on and start beeping.

One other niggle, albeit one that's easily cured. I don't know how reliable the velcro retaining straps are, but there's no safety strap that goes round the lot, like there is on a lot of quivers.

Apart from extra security, the added strap helps stop the rods twisting and flapping about. Easily cured by using a couple of bungee straps when I get round to finding a couple the right size.

Not a deal breaker, but maybe something Korum might look at when they produce the next model. In the meantime, this one's still better made than a lot of them.

+++Post script - I'm starting to warm to it after using it a couple of times linky...

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  1. Hi Chris as someone whom is looking at possibly buying a new quiver shortly, I will be keeping a pair of alarms on short banksticks in one of the pockets.

    I notice the rods are in front of the main side pocket where I would intend putting the alarms, you suggest this might be difficult? Like you I don't usually take a brolly, but do so occasionally if poor weather is almost a certainty. In your opinion is there any possibility that the alarms would fit in the pocket, if for example I only carried 2 or 3 rods?


    Eddie C

  2. They'd fit in OK, but I found it made it difficult to fasten the velcro bands that hold the rods in. You could get round it by keeping your bank sticks/alarms in the main body of the quiver, rather than in the pocket.

  3. Thanks Chris, in this instance would a brolly still fit in the main pocket do you think?

  4. I reckon it probably would but can't try it as I don't currently own a brolly.