Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Korum rucksack reviewed

I was well impressed when Rob bought one of these last season. Noticing it was still going strong a year later, I decided if it could survive a winter fishing with Rob, it would probably last me as well.

The first thing you notice is how much gear it swallows. More than enough room for all the kit I'm likely to need in a day, with side pockets for unhooking tools and mesh outer-pockets I can stick forceps, pliers, cutters etc in when I get there so they're all to hand when needed.

One feature I like is the top compartment, which takes the bits box and another box of odds and ends, meaning I've got everything handy if I need to change a rig.

It also has a zipped clear pocket ideal for keeping things like sharpening stone, trace blades, tape measure etc - the things I used to keep in my pockets, then find them missing when I needed them because I'd left the coat in the car.

It stands up on its base, so you can work out of the top compartment when you're tackling up. It's also lined and made of a more durable material than a lot of luggage, including some items by household names.

Korum haven't really made their mark on pike fishing yet, but one or two more well-designed items like this might change that. They make a sexy two-rod quiver too.

Postscript.... I can still remember the day Rob showed me his new rucksack.

We were on some pits and I had the dog with me. The dog looked quite impressed when Rob took me through its various features, before he got his rods set up.

As he was tightening the first one down and setting his drop-off, the dog ambled up to the rucker, gave it a sniff by way of a once-over and christened it in the way that only dogs can.

I gingerly turned it around, so the wet patch was facing Rob's van - hoping he wouldn't notice.

"They say they're waterproof too," I said, as the dog dodged the Skeetex boot aimed squarely at his hairy butt.

"Yeah mate," said Rob. "It's got a built-in rain cover too."

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