Wednesday, January 25, 2012

That's nice dear. Did you remember the milk..?

I am in a meeting about office furniture with some men from head office. 

In Europe, they have decreed we must have a minimum gap of 90cms between our work stations. I am pondering this and other interesting aspects of the EU with the men from head office when my phone beeps.

Got a new PB mate, says the text from Rob. I look at the picture and wish I was beside the river instead of discussing office layouts. The meeting goes on around me.

We'll need more chairs, says one of the men from head office as he makes a note on his clipboard. I'm going fishing tomorrow, I volunteer helpfully.

The men from head office look at the pictures of pike on the wall behind my desk. We can see you're quite into fishing, one says. Do you eat them or throw them back, asks another. 

I look at the picture again when the men from head office have gone. I can't believe it's a week since I last got my string pulled. There are times when I couldn't bear the thought of seven days away from the water. There are others when a break rekindles my enthusiasm.

I look at the picture again when I get home. Beautiful fish mate, I text Rob. Wish I'd caught it. Rob sends me another picture. I know how much effort he puts into his fishing - and just as important, how much he lives for it.

I show the wife. Look at this lump Rob caught today. I'd have probably been down there if I wasn't at work. I'd probably have fished that bank. I might even have...

That's nice, says the wife. Did you remember to get the milk..?

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  1. This has me thinking. Are we married to the same woman !!!!