Saturday, September 29, 2012

Ale's well but no big zander

I made an interesting discovery this afternoon. It didn't make my spirits soar quite as much as catching a load of pike would have, but it is noteworthy all the same. At the village shop in Denver - as opposed to the Village Shop in my village - I discover someone's launched a new brewery.

I buy a bottle of ale called Sunny Spell, with a big picture of the sun on the bottle. I plan to save this until I get home, but first cast I miss a pull so out it comes, off comes the top - and I say chaps, the stuff's delightful.

The sun's dropped below the clouds scudding across the Fens by the time I've finished it. A red kite soars over the floodbank. I feel a happy, contented bunny when I get another take. This time, the fish drops it before I even pick the rod up.

I've set up two leger rods with big, popped-up baits cast up and down the marginal reed line. The one that went off's on a big whole mackerel. I give it a twitch or two, feel a sharp bump and give it a heave that fails to connect. I reel in and the bait has two pairs of score marks, close together, around its head.

Do no pass Go. Do not catch big zander.

A mate texts with an interesting suggestion for tomorrow as I'm packing the rods away. I might be tempted.

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