Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Mr Crabtree goes fishing in King's Lynn

Quick Peter, strike - but mind them old tyres... A stick float runs down the river, between the traffic cones and modern-day rubbish festooning the margins of the Nar downstream of the Penstock Sluice.

Filming was under way in King's Lynn today for the final episode of the forthcoming Fishing in the footsteps of Mr Crabtree TV series.

I was one of millions who grew up reading the cartoon book, where Mr Crabtree taught Peter the rudiments of fishing.

Times have changed since the halcyon days of quill floats dancing in the tench bubbles. But presenter John Bailey and producers have set out to recapture some of the original magic that encouraged generations to embark on the adventure that is fishing.

Bailey's good value when he takes time out to chat off-camera. One of the most eloquent anglers I've ever met. A real ambassador for fishing - at a time when the sport probably needs the modern-day likes of Mr Crabtree and Peter more than it ever did. More on this soon.

Now it's time to check the weather, make a few calls and try and work out where to find some pike out in the badlands tomorrow, on what looks like the best day all week to get my string pulled.

+++Liking the look of the weather esp in the morning - linky.

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