Monday, September 17, 2012

I promise...

If you take me fishing tomorrow, I won't poo in your study, ever again. I will not chew your nets or slobber on your clothing.

I promise I'll sit quietly in the car throughout the journey. I won't bark at cyclists, even at traffic lights or road junctions when you have the right of way.

I can also confidently assure you that the flatulence issues I have suffered from time to time are now well and truly in the past - regardless of whether the air conditioning is working in the car.

On arrival at the chosen venue, I will not bark loudly and advertise our presence to all and sundry. I will adopt a stealthy air and sit quietly, while you carefully approach the water, to avoid scaring off every fish for a mile radius.

I won't jump and try and catch the baits when you cast them. I won't cock my leg on any of your rods. I won't have a crafty whizz on your rucksack when you're not looking.

I will also refrain from trying to hump your friends, should we encounter any of them. In the event that you catch a pike, I promise I won't jump in the river after it.

Please take me... I promise I'll be good...

1 comment:

  1. Cor thats reminds me of when i had to take my son when he was small, you cant go fishing unless you take him with you, and dont forget the dog, i can tell you the dog was never the problem..