Thursday, September 27, 2012

Your fish were tracked leaving Tamworth

I have a day off fishing to wait for the fish man. I get up early, in case the fish man is early. I'm hoping this is the case, fish being the highly-perishable commodity that they are. I wait in all morning for the fish man - or rather the representative of a large, international courier company that my bait supplier uses to deliver fish.

The doorbell rings just before 11am. I open it to find it's not the fish man. It's two Jehovah's witnesses - without any fish. I dig out the e-mail I received yesterday, with a tracking number I can use to ascertain the whereabouts of my fish.

My fish began their journey in Chelmsford, from where they then journeyed to the Midlands. After spending a couple of hours in Tamworth, my fish then set off for Norwich, from where they eventually set off on the final leg of the haul to chez moi. Shortly before 3.45pm, there is another ring on the doorbell. The fish man arrives at last.

Despite circumnavigating half the country, the fish are still frozen. Unpacking the box, they're well worth the wait. One reason I use Online Baits is they're still seriously cheap compared to their rivals. The stuff they sell is also first class. Click here for a review.

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