Thursday, September 13, 2012

Time to dew diff'runt in the Fens

Time to dew diff-runt, like they say in my adopted Norfolk. With the rivers and drains running clear as gin as I get back into the swing of things, two alternatives spring to mind.

Alternative one is try a stretch of drain which I'm 90pc sure will have some colour in it. Not a stretch I've really fished for years but as well as the possibility of some coloured water, it's a fair bit deeper than a lot of its near neighbours.

There's also the Enigma Lake, but I have to admit I'm losing interest in the place because it just hasn't felt right when I've gone to have a look at it or on the brief sessions I've fished on it to get my head round the depths and look for any sign it's a viable pike water.

I don't mind fishing waters which are hard or slow, as long as I know there's a chance of a decent fish or two. While Enigma almost certainly holds pike, I'm not sure whether it's worth spending hours on the bank trying to crack it. When I coined a name for it, I half suspected this.  

Alternative two is bite the bullet, leave the bait rods and home and make an effort with the lures. This one's growing on me mainly because I now find myself with the possibility of a week's fishing and want to get a few pike under my belt.

Lures clearly offer mobility and a means of covering a lot of water. Not to mention trying different waters and places which are a mega walk to reach. As autumn arrives, I have time on my hands. Time to start exploring again.

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