Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A couple of old pike pictures, weights not noted

When I fished alone a lot, I went through a phase of photographing pike lying on the unhooking mat with just a tape measure or the Avons to give an idea of scale. Going back through the pictures on an old laptop five  years after the event, I struggle to remember much about the detail - or even the weights, where the file name I saved it under doesn't offer a clue.

The fish above was caught in October, 2007, according to the file name. I don't know what it weighed, looking at how out of condition what was obviously an old fish was even before I banged the hooks into its gob. I wonder what it might have weighed at the other end of the same season, assuming it survived to see it.

This pretty double paid me a visit on February 21, 2007, according to the metadata on the original picture, though again I can't remember anything about catching it more than five years on.

I don't enjoy my pike fishing any less for not having the exact details of what I caught several seasons ago logged down for posterity.  In fact if I'd kept better records when things were a whole lot easier, I have a feeling all they'd show looking back, is how hard it's got since then.

I did find a few gems on there though, which I'll share when I can be bothered to have a proper sort out.

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