Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Water under the bridge

Plenty of water's gone under the bridge since I last went fishing - literally. The low, clear drains and rivers have turned torrent after all the recent rain. I didn't fancy my chances watching the Ouse gushing into the Relief Channel when I went out for a recce a couple of afternoons back.

With the Little Eyes - as the wooden gates which normally allow water out into the tidal river are called - shored up with boards, the whole of the river's flow is going to be diverted down the channel for the forseeable. A bit of water coming in can be a good thing, but once it starts going up and down like a yo-yo between tides I always seem to struggle.

The rain's forecast to stop tomorrow. And the wind's going around a few degrees to a south-westerly. That spells gravel pit to me.

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