Thursday, February 09, 2012

Snow woman, no cry

Places I wanted to fish last weekend were all iced over. Looks like we're heading for a repeat performance as another wave of snow hits, with temperatures set to drop well below zero for the next few nights.

With just over a month left, the last thing we need is losing days on end to the weather. In a way it seems like poetic justice. A few short weeks back, we were moaning about how mild it was and how much the rivers needed rain.

As the snow melt works its way through the system, along with all the salt, that'll be more lost time. As the season enters its swan song, I'm wondering whether to throw everything at one last hit. Try and time a few days' fishing as the rivers fine down.

I'm determined to get out this weekend either way, however hopeless conditions look. If the white stuff stays, it might even be snowman time.

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