Monday, February 20, 2012

So this is how far up the water should be, yeah..?

It didn't look too bad until you explained it, says the newspaper photographer as we survey the pit. I see what you mean now. 

I'm helping Snappy find a picture of the drought. It's today's big story. We're at a pit where water levels have now gone down so far that the platforms put in by the local angling club have been left high and dry.

A few summers back, this was a vibrant mixed fishery, where the banks were lined with anglers bagging up on tench and carp. Now the water's several feet lower than it used to be and the controlling club hopes to move the fish somewhere safer, before the warmer weather kicks in.

I file 500 words to go with the picture, wondering if the little pit's fortunes will make the papers amid the growing clamour from today's drought summit in London. In some parts of the country, the average person now accounts for 1,000 litres of water a week. So that's where it all goes then.

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