Friday, February 01, 2013

Angler robbed at knife point on Middle Level

Terrible story doing the rounds tonight about a guy who was robbed at knife point by thieves who stole his gear and his van. More here.

I've fished that bit of drain several times this season, along, I'm sure, with several others. It also made me think how many times I fish alone  - probably every other time I go, on average.

Day off in the week, your mates are all working so off you go without giving it a second thought.

I've rang a few people about it tonight. One or two said the same thing.

If anyone knows the guy this happened to, I'm happy to contribute a few bits of kit so he can at least get out fishing. What terrible times we live in. 


  1. Same here Norfolk, the Sixteen Foot is a bit chancy at times but not as isolated as the Middle Level. I've met some odd groups down there and have stopped fishing it, the two Jack Russells make people think twice, but I have had groups of three or four stop and be overly curious about things. I suppose I am lucky in that I have lengths of water where i have the farmers permission (because I know him) and that level of policing helps. I can help with some gear too.

  2. I have a few bits of gear that i am willing to give if he is in need, i often fish alone , makes you think .