Sunday, February 17, 2013

Last orders - and a last hurrah

Lack of posting over the last week or two is down to the fact I haven't been out because I've been flat out at work.

Today looked like a great day to be out as did Friday, when I again couldn't get out. But mates who did kindly sent a procession of texts updating me on how they were filling their boots, inc a well-deserved new PB for one of them who's really got the bit between his teeth at the moment.

When I told him where I'd have fancied fishing if I'd been out, there was a brief silence before he admitted: "Yeah, spot on, see what you mean - I caught it there."

More cold coming, then it's going to be last orders with just a week or two left before the end of the season. I've decided to throw everything into a last roll of the dice on two very different waters, monster them both and see if I can rescue my season with at least another twenty or two.

Not a forgone conclusion by any means, when the tally stands at one all season. This is also going to turn into a bit of a catch-up with a few other herberts, so I'm looking forward to a few laughs and a bit of skullduggery to see out 2012/13.

Can't believe how quickly it's gone - let alone how few fish I've caught.

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