Thursday, March 07, 2013

See you out there at season's end in the Fens

After four days of wishing I was out there I finally will be tomorrow. I've gone from being able to take it or leave it where fishing's concerned to being determined to end the season with a couple of half reasonable days.

This time next week, it'll more or less be over. In a lot of ways, 2012/13 has been the kind of season I just want to move on from as quickly as I can. That means finding some new waters to target as well as biting the bullet and making more of a go of it with the lures next time around.

If I'd got off to a better start, I'd probably have had the confidence to ring the changes and try new things, rather than sticking with what's worked for me in the past in the hope it would all come good and I'd start catching again.

In a lot of ways, there's only so much you can do to catch pike. Hawkeye's rationale for why he's taken to pike fishing after returning to the sport post-retirement is it's quite a simple way of fishing without all the fancy bits around the edges which now seem to dominate most other branches of the sport.

In a way that's why I love it too. My life away from the water is a complete contrast to sitting behind the rods. Pike fishing's the perfect antidote to a complex and stressful job, where you're always chasing deadlines and trying to do 10 things at once.

It's probably why I'll never stop this side of senile dementia or the zimmer frame.

A few more hours and that's it - I can concentrate on what the next run's going to bring for a few days and make up for some lost time. See you out there.

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