Sunday, March 03, 2013

Sundridge Igloo Suit review - updated

The zip on the bib and brace half of the Sundridge suit I bought in autumn 2011 has finally gone for a burton. That means I've had almost two seasons' wear out of it, which I think is pretty good going bearing in mind it just gets slung in the study and left to fester when I get home.

I've had a lot more wear out of the top half, which rapidly became my every day coat and is still going strong. So all I need to replace is the B&B, which for £49.99 strikes me as a pretty good bargain if I get two years' worth out of the next one. Then again, I might go for the full shooting match and have a coat which doesn't smell of fish as well.

Despite its age and zip gone up the Suwannee, the rest of the B&B is still waterproof. The pockets are still attached, the knees and arse-end haven't worn through and it still keeps me warm.

You've got to take your hat off to Sundridge. Quality stuff that keeps you warm and dry whatever the weather throws your way. Click here for original review.

+++Footnote from  wife: 'Your gut split it, dinnit...?'

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