Saturday, September 14, 2013

Where do coarse fish on sale in King's Lynn's eastern European supermarkets come from..?

I wonder where all the coarse fish you see on sale in almost all the eastern European supermarkets in King's Lynn are sourced from.

There are dried roach, dried bream, smoked bream and all kinds of other fish on sale with nothing to indicate their origin on some of the packaging.

How anyone could even eat a 4oz roach is beyond me. There can't be much more than scales and bones left by the time you've dried or smoked it.

Ditto bream, like the skimmer above, which could be yours for £1.35 with no use-by date or any information on the packaging (plastic bag) regarding its provenance.

There could obviously be an innocent explanation to all this and a clear and verifiable supply chain to wherever these fish were caught.

This in turn would clearly separate the shops which sell these fish from the illegal netting operations which come on top, from time to time, when gill nets are found strung across drains a few miles from King's Lynn.


  1. there is nothing to tell me where the fish come from in my local supermarket coarse or otherwise or how they where caught. Last year in scotland 17 skippers and a processing firm where found guilty of fraudulently landing £63,000,00 worth of fish in a massive scam to get round the EU quota system. At one plant they pumped fish underground from the boats. Fisherman I know in scotland told me this was just the tip of the Iceberg.

  2. Not sure if it is still the case, but some of the bigger Irish lochs were fished commercially for bream few years ago. Carp are eaten readily by many cultures, and so it is unsurprising to see carp in larger fishmongers. And you might as well sell a few roach whilst you are at it. I would guess Holland as being another source of coarse fish for sale here. more worrying, I read somewhere about a shop, possibly owned by an eastern European, who was actually buying pike from anglers for sale in his shop.

  3. In olden ages fish and meat has been preserved in different ways. Italians dry meat as well as Eastern Europeans and its its only the best product can be preserved in this way.
    Because UK never had food shortage that’s why don’t know how to store food and not to get bored of it. Only English can be so stuck in the narrow minds and don’t except anything more then they know. Eat unhealthy crisps for snacks; dried fish is used as a snake and especially nice with beer. Italians dry meat as well as Eastern Europeans and its its only the best product can be preserved in this way.