Tuesday, February 19, 2013

RIP Roy Reeve

We said goodbye to Roy today. He wasn't family, strictly speaking. But we were with him at the end, my wife and daughters holding his hands as he slipped away in the QEH.
There were more tears today as the curtains closed around the coffin, to the strains of Hey Big Spender. 
Watching the kids afterwards, I realised how much this has made adults out of them. Roy Reeve - nightclub owner, shopkeeper, hotelier and antique dealer - would have been proud of that. RIP podna.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Last orders - and a last hurrah

Lack of posting over the last week or two is down to the fact I haven't been out because I've been flat out at work.

Today looked like a great day to be out as did Friday, when I again couldn't get out. But mates who did kindly sent a procession of texts updating me on how they were filling their boots, inc a well-deserved new PB for one of them who's really got the bit between his teeth at the moment.

When I told him where I'd have fancied fishing if I'd been out, there was a brief silence before he admitted: "Yeah, spot on, see what you mean - I caught it there."

More cold coming, then it's going to be last orders with just a week or two left before the end of the season. I've decided to throw everything into a last roll of the dice on two very different waters, monster them both and see if I can rescue my season with at least another twenty or two.

Not a forgone conclusion by any means, when the tally stands at one all season. This is also going to turn into a bit of a catch-up with a few other herberts, so I'm looking forward to a few laughs and a bit of skullduggery to see out 2012/13.

Can't believe how quickly it's gone - let alone how few fish I've caught.

Friday, February 01, 2013

Angler robbed at knife point on Middle Level

Terrible story doing the rounds tonight about a guy who was robbed at knife point by thieves who stole his gear and his van. More here.

I've fished that bit of drain several times this season, along, I'm sure, with several others. It also made me think how many times I fish alone  - probably every other time I go, on average.

Day off in the week, your mates are all working so off you go without giving it a second thought.

I've rang a few people about it tonight. One or two said the same thing.

If anyone knows the guy this happened to, I'm happy to contribute a few bits of kit so he can at least get out fishing. What terrible times we live in.