Friday, October 19, 2012

Relief Channel set for enforcement blitz

As soon as I hear the story on the local radio, I get that here we go again kind of sinking feeling.

"Fisheries officers will be taking to the water this weekend to tackle illegal fishing on the Great Ouse Relief Channel," the news reader says.

"This is the first time an approach from the water has been made and is in response to information received about individuals fishing from dinghies."

You wonder what's happened to the fledgling River Watch operating in the Fens and the idea that intelligence passed on by the pike angling community would be acted upon.

Because instead of going out there and catching those responsible in the act, the EA sends out a press release warning that "with the pike fishing season in full swing", we all need to make sure we're fishing legally.

If you were thinking of fishing illegally on the Relief Channel, you'd probably opt for a change of venue if you heard tomorrow's crackdown advertised on Radio Norfolk. I expect the enforcement officers involved will feel like the rug's been pulled out from under their feet.

Now the gaff's been blown, the illegal fishing that's been reported in recent weeks wasn't even on the Relief Channel. It was on the Middle Level, where people have been seen behaving suspiciously in rubber dinghies.

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