Thursday, October 11, 2012

Text book drain day ends in a blank

Two more trips and two more blanks. On Tuesday, I chucked out three baits, got a book out and five or six hours passed without me really noticing. The one noteworthy thing which happened was I saw yet another otter.

Today, Colin foolishly decided to hook up for a trip. I say foolishly, because I think he was actually expecting to go with me and catch something. We started on a bit of drain that looked like we might have been in with a shout and leap-frogged the rods the mile to the next bridge, where I'd stashed the transport.

That's two blokes, five rods and a fairly thorough trawl of a mile of drain without a flicker of interest. I know people were catching on the same stretch last season, around this time. I've even caught on there myself, enjoying some good days a few years back. It was mild and overcast, with a nice ripple. Text book day, so where were the pike..?

We had a good catch up, as I haven't seen Colin for a year, maybe two. I showed him a top flounder fishing spot on the way home. A plan was forming as we watched the tide coursing in up the river. Perhaps we'll try some flattie bashing next time we've got a day off and the tides are right. Colin's a chef, which means he's handy to know if you catch a few.

Bizarrely, I do think the pike fishing's going to get better soon. I say this for the benefit of the reader I saw at last night's Lynn AA meeting. And yes, I really have caught just one pike so far. Still, there's always the weekend.

+++Pikers keep things close to their chest - great post on Lumbland here.

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