Thursday, June 27, 2013

Ever caught one of these on a lure..?

As I bounced the rubber worm back towards me, I felt a sharp pluck on the end. I paused and it went again, bend in with the rod and yes - I'm into something. Something that didn't quite feel like a fish as it kited off in the flow, but didn't quite feel like weed or the disposable nappy (used...) I pulled out a couple of weeks back.

As I pumped it back towards me, a claw broke the surface, followed by a hand-sized shore crab. When I lowered the rod to remove the hook nicked in one of its pincers, it made a run for it, still clutching the lure.

When I got the pliers to the hook and turned it out, the crustacean turned and waved its claws at my trainers, before it sprinted off.

While this clearly underlines the versatility of saltwater lure fishing, it wasn't quite what I was after. After taking the rods along when I went to recce the spot at low tide yesterday, I'd seen fish swirling where two creeks meet. Terns were diving and coming up with small fry and sandeels, so maybe the swirls were bass or mullet feeding on same.

I had a few chucks and thought I felt a tap or two on the end. After striking at one or two and failing to connect, I wondered if it was just the lure bumping the odd stone or patch of shingle. Turned out it was probably Mr Crab.

Seeing as there's obviously plenty to eat around there, I decided to go back all the same and give it a go at high tide.

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  1. 4/5ft running ledger rig with a pennel. size 6/0 to 8/0. biggish baits, couple of squid or whole cuttle. dont go to light. i use 60lb minimum but regulary go upto a 100lb if theres alot of conger about.
    fishing heavy end gear doesnt put the cod of, and when hooked you dont want them to come of. ive seen alot of cod lost to poor end tackle, normaly fishing to light. big cod have big teeth! do you use crab lures