Friday, November 01, 2013

A day with the jack basher

Ash chuckles as I unwind my trace around a jack that might just go a pound on a good day. 

"So that's how you do it, is it - lassoo 'em..?"

It was a lovely day, albeit one where it turned out anything over 3lbs wasn't coming out to play. Ash managed eight or nine around the same size as the first one he had a few casts after my micro jack.

Ash stuck on what will hereafter be known as the Jack Pit. I tried another pit and failed to add to the tiddler I had in the first swim.

Just once, a bigger fish engulfed the lure right under my feet and spat it back out again in a split second. How they do that is completely beyond me.

It's always interesting watching how someone else fishes. Ash rigs his lures with lighter jig heads so he can twitch them back much slower than my 10 - 15g go for head. He also carries all his fishing swag on his back, meaning he looks a bit like a cross between your average Eastern European angler and the Hunchback of Notre Dame.

We walked a fair old way, fished a bunch of swims on a couple of new pits and had a few laughs.

The last fish I photographed Ash - aka Jack Basher - with was a thirty. But he just loves catching them, regardless of size - not to mention catching eight or ten times as many as me.

Good to catch up.

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