Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Anyone know what did this to a pike..?

One of this fish we caught yesterday had this damage to one side of its upper jaw. Any ideas..?


  1. Probably another Pike while spawning

  2. Sadly! That looks like a wire trace may have caused that damage :( It is too clean of a cut and there is no other damage to indicate it was a predator. The fish may have been tethered and in bid to free itself its pulled the wire right through the outer jaw.
    The good thing is that even though it has been disfigured, it should survive well enough.

  3. a) another pike
    b) a cormorant
    c) a fisherman

    I would guess the pike was hooked at the corner of its mouth, but managed to pull away.

  4. Knotted, large-ish mesh landing net

  5. hi I think I recognise that fish my friend caught it with the same damage a couple of weeks ago are we talking about the same place, where were you fishing?