Friday, December 09, 2011

Let's go and have a mooch and see

I'm off out today to see if the wind and rain have woken 'em up.

No game plan, as such. I'm going to sling the rods in the car, go for a mooch about and see what turns up.

The forecasters can't make their minds up, either. Might be fine all day. Might be fine to start with followed by rain, sleet or even snow later.

We could probably use a decent downpour to get some water in the system, along with some flow and colour. Snow would be bad news.

This season has been uncharted territory all the way, with mild weather and drought conditions lasting this late into the year.

I can't remember another year like it. Would pike fishing in the Fens be as fascinating if it was the same year after year..?

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