Monday, December 12, 2011

Sundridge Igloo Suit - review

I don't think you can get much better than Sundridge when it comes to cold weather clothing.

Someone loaned me one of the Igloo suit's predecessor's on a trip to the Broads last winter, when he spied me shivering on the boat dock.

It was that good, I bought one when I got home. It lasted me through the worst of last winter. As well as keeping you warm, these things also keep you dry.

I haven't looked after it at all. The only downside is you can't wash them, so you do end up honking after a few months.

Bits I thought would go haven't. The outer material looks flimsy, but it's deceptively strong. The pockets are still all attached. The neoprene cuffs have frayed a bit but they're still attached.

The bottoms of the legs on the bib and brace have got damp countless times, but they dry out between trips.

Despite kneeling down to unhook fish - not to mention sitting on cold, wet banks and boats - the knees and seat still keep the water out.

This gets a massive top marks from me. It's got at least another winter in it, which isn't bad for £99.99, when you look at what clothing with trendier names on it costs these days.

+++UPDATE: In fact, nearly a year later and it's still going strong. The coat has stayed in the back of the car and seen even more frequent use than the bib and brace. Bits of the lining of the latter are starting to look a bit threadbare, but when you bear in mind the use it's had I'm incredibly impressed it still keeps me warm and dry.

I thought I'd have wrecked it by now - most of my outer clothing only seems to survive for a season in the Fens. Little things like the pockets are all still attached, the zips haven't bust, the braces still hold it up.

More info on the Sundridge website here.

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