Thursday, January 03, 2013

Grandeslam fleece suit review

I must admit, I never really took to the Grandeslam fleece suit I bought at the start of the season. The first time I clambered into it, the zip puller broke. This made answering the inevitable bankside call of nature a somewhat risky business and on one occasion an extremely painful one.

I couldn't stand still in it the first half a dozen times I wore it, thanks to a couple of itchy tags inside. Finally, as I wrestled with the zip to water the horses, it broke meaning I couldn 't zip it up.

Not the best £29.99 I ever spent. It kept me warm after a fashion, but most cheap onesies - or bunny suits, as northerners call them - do worn under a decent bib and brace.

For £34.99, I got a set of Nash ZT Second Skins today. They not only feel warm and airy, there's no zip to go wrong.

++Reviews on this blog are all compiled from personal opinions, having field tested the item concerned.

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