Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I'll swear this pike smiled as I slipped her back

I can't remember the last time I was this chuffed to catch a double. As it's the first I've managed all season, I even weighed it in case it turns out to be the season's best.

Three pits, five swims and no runs later it was time for a last roll of the dice. By the time it turned 3.30, it was three pits, six swims and no runs. Over the next half an hour or so, I had five. Three jacks came one after another, including a double hit with two rods off simultaneously.

I was recasting the second when the first bung went again. This felt like a slightly better sample, which fought back with a few lunges before I slipped the onion bag under it. I weighed it for posterity, as it was the best I've managed all season.  Mrs Avon settled for 12:08.

I wonder if that's it for the season, I thought to myself as I slipped her back. I'll swear she smiled at me (see top picture...), as she righted herself and disappeared back into the depths in a swirl.

As desk fell, the Heaven hounds were in full cry overhead. Great v-shaped skeins of greylags en route for Mussel Bay.

The float went just once more. As I unhooked the smallest fish of the day, I decided to quit while I was winning.

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