Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Bass fishing - at least the lures don't cost much

I half fancy these to catch a few. Savage Gear's first saltwater lure - a rubber sandeel - looks the business straight out of the box. Not too expensive at £5.99 for one ready-rigged, plus a spare tail. But they seem quite robust compared to some and with a 42g head, they ought to cast like a cross between a condom and an Exocet missile.
These weren't all that took my fancy. Weighing in slightly lighter and a quid less for three ready-rigged, Berkley's new sandeels don't look too shabby either. I doubt they'll stand up to sea fishing as well as the Savage Gear versions, but a couple of packs should see me through a few trips.
I've found a couple of old favourites lurking in my study too. I bought some mackerel-patterned Toby spoons a few years back, which I never got around to using. Dexter Wedges were the in-lure on the coast a couple of summers ago, so be rude to leave them at home.
++Click once on the lure pics to see the detail...
+++All I need now are a couple of shallow-diving plugs and surface lures and that's hopefully all bases covered. One good thing about bass fishing - the lures don't cost much.


  1. "One good thing about bass fishing - the lures don't cost much."

    They can do if you want to! £20 for a single lure is not unusual..........

    re: shallow diving plugs. The Yo Zuri Crystal Minnows are fantastic. I caught two bass on my first ever bass lure fishing trip so they're always my 'go to' lure. Prices seem to vary a lot between £10-£20 for a single lure. I just cast out, drag back, wind in slack, drag back, wind in slack etc etc. Fantastic vibration when you drag back.

    Still not convinced how much the actual lure matters. It seems if the fish are there you've got a great chance. If they're not, you won't catch much!

  2. Cool piece....been getting the bass lures together myself........lots of sandeels patterns out there....had forgot about the Dexters until you mention it