Sunday, April 28, 2013

Single hooks on lures

I've had a mess about with a few lures and re-rigged them with single hooks. Pluggin' Singles have big eyes, so you can fit them on a split ring. They're quite expensive, as in a Lady for eight hooks, but they're pin-sharp and have a tiny whisker barb.

Assuming I ever manage to actually catch any bass this summer, I plan to return most of them. So instead of a couple of trebles on my lures, I'm going to try singles on some of them, to see how they fare.

You can get them in sizes from #1 to 2/0 from Veals. I bought a pack of each size, but only the 1/0s and 2/0s look big enough to do the business.

Depending how they perform, I may keep them on a few lures when I start pike fishing again - I reckon two singles on a lure the size of a Rapala J13 or a single on a spoon would be a breeze to unhook. That's assuming they go in - and stay in - when you get a hit.


  1. keep us updated. I've been thinking about this too on some lures. I'll be using small lures this year for other stuff and was thinking I might stick some singles on those. Possibility I might on some small pike lures too.

  2. I also use single hooks on spoons, including small spoons for perch.
    Many fishermen in the US and Canada do so too, even for trolling...
    So I hear.

  3. They look a bit weedy for pike fishing but interested to see how they perform