Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Google turns to pike fishing with river views

Cor blass' me w'oss that funny ole boat with the camera on top lookin' at me for..?

You're in your secret hotspot at the crack of dawn. As the first rays of the winter sun pierce the mist, a strange craft hoves into view, complete with a 360-degree camera on the top.

You reel in that sneaky extra rod and hold up your license as it passes, just in case.

But that isn't the EA podna. That's Google out taking pictures of the river, that is - so you can pore over them online. Reports today say the internet giant is going to extend the Streetview function of its mind-boggling mapping app from roads to rivers.

Just imagine if you're dealing with a *nature run* when the camera boat chugs past, struggling with the zips on your thermals. Or pulling some other stroke like the old magic float trick.

Fortunately, this latest wheeze is going to be confined to places with footpaths running along them. Which presumably means some chap with a camera on his head riding a bike or something, which shouldn't be too hard to spot and take evasive action from. Watch this space, as NASA say.

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