Thursday, June 21, 2012

How much gear do you need to go pike fishing

Not much is the obvious answer, in fact the assortment in the picture goes in a couple of those plastic clip-lock lunchboxes you can pick up for a couple of quid in supermarkets, which I now much prefer to tackle boxes.

Nothing against tackle boxes per se, but they make it very easy to carry stuff you're hardly ever likely to use. When I re-discovered the joys of walking and a more roving style of fishing last winter, I soon realised I'd fallen into this trap.

Leads were the biggest offenders when it came to extra weight, for obvious reasons. I keep a box with a selection of different styles and sizes in the car, but only take when I think I'm going to need with me once I set off for the water.

Floats don't weigh a lot, so it's worth taking a few in different shapes and sizes in case you need to change methods or the wind or flow changes. Other than that, you don't need a lot else in the way of end tackle - a little bits box with spare clips, beads, run rings and swan shots takes care of all the nuts and bolts in case I need to alter a rig.

I have boxes full of other stuff, much of which I used to take just in case. Another reason to prune the kit down, apart from wear and tear on the legs and ticker when I'm on my toes, is I'm shortly looking to change to a smaller vehicle.

Part of the idea behind this is it will be far cheaper to get about once I start pike fishing again. One of the knock-on effects will be there won't be room for all the stuff I used to lug about with me when I was fishing waters accessible by vehicle.

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