Friday, June 08, 2012

This season's must-have pike fishing accessory

I am not really a gadget geek, but I have just seen a must-have accessory. This isn't an item of tackle, strictly speaking, but a piece of kit which will come in handy whenever the sun's shining.

Having become an iPhone addict as soon as I traded in my last BlackBerry for one, sexing it up with apps to play with on the bank. Some of these are incredibly useful, like the ones that give you the tides and weather.

Then there are the different photo apps, that let you edit your pictures. And then there are the ones that let you read the papers, play chess or keep an eye on the ups and downs of the FTSE. And last but not least, there's Spotify - a must-have if you like listening to music while you're willing the floats to go. 

This pocket-sized techno marvel has one drawback. The battery life is pants. Hence the latest object of desire to find its way onto my wish list - a solar-powered charger with USB output, that'll keep Apple's finest in tip top fettle for £29.99.

That's that, then - job sorted. Hold on, they do mini wind turbines too. While you can't always count on sunshine in the Fens in the winter, it's nearly always windy. A quick bodge with the hacksaw, an old rod rest and a bit of Araldite and I could stick one on a bank stick.

And hang on... They do caravans too. 

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