Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Lured into a sneaky summer sesh or two

Autumn's still a summer away in Norfolk - or whatever we get that's going to pass for one this year.

But the cold and wet weather we've had of late is seriously tempting me to have a few hours' lure fishing of an evening, if my injured foot continues its current impressive rate of recovery and my toes turn revert from purple to their normal toe-coloured hue.

From barely being able to walk three days ago, I reckon I can waddle a good 100 yards now. No way I can hoof it far enough to fish anywhere half decent. But there's a couple of places I want to try just to see if they actually hold any pike, as I start thinking ahead to winter. 

I'm really into lure fishing again - in theory, at least. After two sort outs, I've got my must-take selection down to just a handful, which fit in a couple of lunch boxes. Not too much to carry, then. I'm wondering about de-barbing the hooks on a few of them as well, since the object of the exercise if see if the waters hold pike rather than sacking up.

If I get a hit, I'll hobble home happy. When it warms up and stops raining, in a week or so if the forecasts aren't Pete Tong, I'll sack it and turn my attentions to my woeful record of catching bass on them. Then there are the mullet I've seen from time in previous summers when I've been out picking samphire. I've no idea how you even start when it comes to mullet, never having never caught one.

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