Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Waiting for news after River Nene fish kill

Fishing boats have been tied up in King's Lynn all day after officials declared The Wash closed. 

Scientists from the Food Standards Agency fear chemicals which spilled into the Nene near Peterborough, killing thousands of coarse fish, could have washed downstream, contaminating cockles and shrimps in the estuary.

The Environment Agency seem to be playing down the spill, saying tests show the water is now returning to normal in and around Peterborough. Dead fish have now washed down as far as the tidal stretch at Wisbech. The EA says it's all under control, but I can't ever remember The Wash being closed to fishing because of pollution in one of its feeder rivers.

Anglers are also being asked not to fish the Nene further upstream. The chemical has not been named, but some reports say it's a pesticide, which entered the river at Orton Southgates. The dead fish include roach, tench and eels, but the EA says no large specimens were affected.

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