Monday, May 06, 2013

Empty beach first thing

The beach was deserted as I hopped over the sea bank to check out the lie of the land first thing on the way to work. It didn't stay this way for long on Bank Holiday Monday, as the sunshine drew thousands of day-trippers to the coast.

One or two interesting features lay within casting distance come high tide, but fishing's not an option when the beaches are full and high water falls in the middle of a sunny afternoon.

Things look more interesting towards the end of the week, when the plum tides creep closer to dusk on the coast.  The shoreline should hopefully be a bit quieter by then.

I can see why people who do catch bass along this stretch of coast favour dawn and dusk, rather than going shoulder to shoulder with the grocks to fish.

It's great to be out fishing on a sunny afternoon, as I did on Saturday, now that things have finally started to warm up. But chances of catching are probably close to zilch with all the disturbance going on.

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