Thursday, May 23, 2013

What matters - tides or timing..?

Puzzling out the tides, they don't look too bad as a run of days off kicks in. I'm still not sure if the tide's the most important thing, as in fishing either side of the top.

People catching bass seem to be out before dawn or after dusk, regardless of what the tides are doing. So maybe I need to just concentrate on being there at the right time, as opposed to around high water.

Apart from seeing a fish the other day, as in your real, actual fish etc; I learned quite a bit about the creek.

Maybe I'll hit it near the turn of the ebb this time, and back-track as the tide starts flooding it.

I reckon that'll give me enough time for a bag of chips and a pint of Shuck somewhere, before I hit somewhere else at high tide.

1 comment:

  1. Followed your blog with interest, as an experienced bass plugger it's great to see your development and to know that all the mistakes I made all those years ago aren't uncommon!

    Estuaries are the hardest locations to figure out when it comes to bass fishing. They can take many years for even seasoned lure anglers to start catching on.

    One tip I would give is don't start off with a too stiff rod, shudder to think of the number of fish I dropped because the tip on my old Shimano was like a broomstick!

    The rest of it is up to you to learn, the fun is in the discovery.