Sunday, May 12, 2013

Leeda, Snowbee, Daiwa lure box reviewed

These double-sized boxes are great, compared to some I've used. Lures sit in Y-shaped compartments with a keel slot for the hooks, which have drain holes. The idea is when you get home, you rinse the box under the tap and the water drains off via said holes.

I'm not sure how well this is likely to work in practice, as whichever way up you store it to dry, I can't see how all the water's going to drain off.  But lures in the box seem to dry out without hooks or split rings rusting if I stash it behind a radiator when I get home.

The catches lock nicely and the box has 14 compartments big enough for a single lure up to 14cms or a couple of Tobies, Dexters etc. They also seem immune to the problem of lure melt with soft plastics.

They cost around £8.99, depending which name they come under - my box had Leeda on it, but Snowbee and Daiwa both offer what appear to be identical boxes.

They reckon two of these will fit in the Snowbee Sling Bag - click here for review of that brilliant bit of kit.

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