Friday, July 13, 2012

Confessions of a bass fisherman #1

This is it. This is the hotspot, so they reckon. When the, um, tide's in obviously. You won't catch many when the sea's retreated half way to Lincolnshire and there are people building sand castles on this lot. You can probably tell from this I am a seasoned sea angler.

I have been told there's a feature out here where the bass queue up when the tide's right, as in when it's in. After a pleasant but relatively feature-free walk, I decide I've had my plonker well and truly pulled by the local sea angling fraternity.

Turning for the car, I finally find it. A gully just a few yards from the high tide mark you'd miss unless you were right on top of it. I line it up with a few distinctive rocks so I can retrace my steps and get a bait in it.

Heading off to consult the tide tables, I wonder how different pike fishing would be in the tide went in and out on the waters we target them on, so we could inspect every inch of the bottom.

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