Saturday, July 28, 2012

Skee-Tex North Pole socks for pike fishing

The humble sock performs a vital role when it's freezing cold. They keep your feet warm. I've tried all kinds over the years but keep coming back to these because they're the best I've tried - despite the fact they're not the most expensive.

A couple of pairs of these usually last me through a winter's pike fishing, which isn't bad for the price of a day or two's worth of deadbaits. Coupled with the same company's legendary moon boots, one pair keeps your tootsies as warm as toast.
When it's really cold or they start getting a bit threadbare around the heels, I wear two pairs.

They're made from a blend of wool and man-made fibres which really warm you up without making your feet sweat, which can be a pain and make the car smell like a sumo wrestler's jockstrap on the way home.

One small confession - I've found washing them tends to make them wear out faster, so don't tend to launder mine too often. Staying warm out-ranks personal hygiene every time, in my book. They're a steal for £4.95 a pair.

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