Friday, July 06, 2012

Ever fished this tidal river for pike..?

As in this tidal river..? Me neither. Yet one or two areas of it definitely hold coarse fish, the upper reaches of the Hundred Foot, as it's known well upstream of the sluices at Denver, for one.

It might not scream pike. Yet if you go far enough upstream to get above the brackish water washed in by the tides, there were zander caught in years gone by.

And there are more fish than you'd probably think, in its tea-coloured water downstream of the sluices, where water surging through the gates has scoured a deeper hole or two.

The EA has captured pike on a camera in a fish pass on one of Fenland's other great tidal rivers, built to give eels and sea trout a short cut through a sluice. So who knows..?

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