Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Crazy weather by the time pike fishing starts

This is one of my favourite newspaper front pages of the last few days. Lightning, hail, gales and even heatwaves, says the strapline.

My guess is that over any period of six months, it's a fairly safe bet we're likely to see all four - not to mention rain, snow and ice. And by the time pike fishing begins in earnest again, it could well be a bit colder than it is now.

Those whose working arrangements have a degree of flexibility - or recurring bouts of mystery illness, requiring spells off work when their local waters are fishing well - fastidiously pore over the forecasts.

Sometimes, I compare notes with co-conspirators. When you out next week..? Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday - or maybe Friday, depending on the weather.

Reckon it'll be best before that cold front gets here on Tuesday, Wednesday while it's still here or Thursday after that's blew through..? Um, I'm not sure I buy their conclusions on how that frontal system's going to develop once it crosses the Azores. I mean, that could easily stall when it hits that trough of low pressure over the Irish Sea and be delayed by a day or two. So you reckon that'll be better Thursday then..?

+++Weather Update... Met Office now saying we've had the wettest June since records began, more stats here.

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