Thursday, July 05, 2012

Guru leads are worth a look for pike fishing

These are the leads I was on about. I've been fishing long enough to treat claims about special this, special that with a degree of scepticism, but I quite like these.

The two-thirds of an ounce size I got seem small for that. It says on the blurb that they're made of a special dense material, which I'm guessing is probably lead. In the old days, I'd probably have just given one a good whack with a hammer to see what they're made of, but they're £2.85 for three. 

Instead of using them with one of those fiddly safety clips, I'll probably just fish them off a run ring on my float leger rigs. Coupled with one of the ET floats I tend to use most of the time, I reckon the ounce size would be just right and probably better than most of the other weights I've used over the years.

I know a few companies make leads you can change without breaking your rig down, but having tried most of them they all seem to have their limitations. One variety had a habit of falling off when you were playing a fish. Another entailed messing around with bits of tubing to trap it in place.

Maybe these are the ones if you fish them off a run ring so you can change for a bigger weight if the wind gets up or the flow increases. Other than those zinc bombs which come in a range of weights but don't hold bottom very well because of their shape and lack of density, it's hard to find small weights which do the job.

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