Friday, July 13, 2012

A healthier approach to pike fishing in the Fens

With less than two months to go before I plan to start pike fishing in the Fens again, I have decided it's time to start getting myself in shape for the rigours of the winter ahead.

As well as buying new socks and ensuring my lucky pants have had their annual wash, I have decided that my preparations for the coming seasion will also extend to my diet this year.

I am somewhat proud of this small step on the road a healthier lifestyle, as I turn the corner by the harbour and look out at the boats bobbing in the gathering gale, beneath a threatening sky. Fresh air and exercise will also be an integral part of my new regime, I tell myself.

I make it past two chip shops, before I succumb to the smell coming from the third. Rome wasn't built in a day, I tell myself, as the man behind the counter greets me like an old friend.

"Hella there me ole podna - usual with all the trimmins..?"

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