Sunday, July 15, 2012

The ultimate boat for pike fishing in the Fens..?

"Hella Cress, th'ass Will'yum. I got a new boat," goes the voice on the phone. "Thought you might like ter come an' see her."

Will'yum's taste in boats differs from mine. I'd have a Seastrike, or Sea Jeep, or better still, I'd live on a narrow boat if the old folding stuff was not a material concern.

Will'yum owns a DUKW but what really floats his boat are landing craft, like the 60ft amphibious troop carriers which carried US Marines to war in Vietnam.

One he converted into a pleasure craft a few years back has turned into a major tourist attraction, taking sightseers out to the sandbanks in The Wash to see the seals. His second LARC - Light Amphibious Resupply Craft to its friends - is going to be re-named Wizzy The Whale.

"You'll have to come on for a ride when we take her out," he says. I quite fancy a go, having been on its sister craft once or twice.

Be great for fishing, provided you had all day to get there as they only do 15mph on dry land. They're a bit thirsty, too - with twin 300hp V8 diesels, one powering each of the rear wheels.

Once you get afloat, there's plenty of elbow room on board. And if anyone beats you to the swims you fancy, you could always just run 'em over with its 6ft dia wheels.

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