Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Stormy night as I start getting the gear ready

Storm clouds sail in from The Wash as the thunder echoes off the roof tops. The lights in my study flicker as I pore over rods and tackle boxes, working out what I need to replace or top up before autumn proper comes to the Fens.

There are traces to make and set-ups which will need replacing with fresh knots and a new float here and there.

I'm not one of those people who devotes hours to this side of things. I prefer the if it ain't broke approach to my pike fishing, relying on tried and trusted friends like my old Marvic rods.

This season's shopping list doesn't extend far beyond some new braid on a couple of reels and a few boxes of trebles, extra swivels and a some leads.

Pike fishing in the Fens isn't exactly complicated in the rig department. The head-aches come later, when I start trying to catch them. As long as the gear's all squared away, I can worry about that one later.

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