Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A word from the Vicar

Jesus was a fisherman - and some might say a chip off the old block, for he was a carpneter too, begins the monthly foreword from the Vicar in the Parish Magazine. I note that the Vicar's Wife has not spell-checked this month's Parish Magazine, but read on regardless as I wait for Malcolm in the Village Pub.

Our Lord turneth fish to bread and water into wine, or so the Gospel tells us. Continuing on this theme I am pleased to announce that Veronica and I have agreed to allow the fish and chip van to park outside the Vicarage on a trial basis on Friday nights between 6.30 and 8pm. Rejoice!

I point this out to Malcolm, when he arrives fresh from the gym in King's Lynn and orders a brace of Shucks with whisky chasers.

"Chip van's back then, is it," he says, looking at my midriff. "That's your diet gone for a Burton then, fat boy."

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