Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Amnesia mono for tying up lead links

Here's another useful bit of kit - as in a spool of Amnesia. This stuff's the dog's for tying lead links, because it's a bit thicker and more robust than normal monos for the same breaking strain.

But its real USP is the fact it's a whole lot stiffer, so it doesn't tangle half as much - meaning those tangles when the trace and lead link spin round each other on the retrieve, which can lead to a mess to sort out, or worse still, a kinked-up trace.

You can help stop these tangles with another simple little dodge - cut the tails off your deads before you mount them on your trace. This stops them spinning on the retrieve and also prevents the tails of things like mackerel tails, herrings etc masking the top hook when you tighten into a fish. Tiny detail, but well-worth trying.

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